Opened on 9th June, 2004, Sasso outdoor was a home to Sasso Art. It was located in Raglan, one of the world’s favourite left hand break wave right before west of Hamilton NZ SHW 23. They were makers of Stone mosaics, ground designs and large landscaping courtyards which were prominent in most European countries and acted as an inspiration for Sasso Art. Stone mosaics were created in manageable sizes by Yvette Harry-Wright and was traversed by different garden areas. Crafted and commissioned works that portrayed design and style for outdoor gardens were allowed. Shop visitors were encouraged to check their stone gallery in Raglan that had an awesome backdrop of the harbor.

List of Products That Were Sold At Sasso Outdoor Shop


A durable form of quartz that is available either in honed finish or in their natural state. Sandstone always forms in red colours, lighter creams or browns. Other colour combination includes mint, autumn and grey. A natural resistant to weathering and an ideal option for outdoor space like courtyards, pool surrounds and decks. All sizes and shapes were being sold at Sasso Outdoor Shop.

Perfect Pebble

The world’s first and finest mesh-backed pebble. Strongly confirmed as an international best seller. It is a unique seamless interlocking system that is available in different colour ranges. The highest quality is ensured since the stones are hand-picked and sorted. In order to achieve unequaled consistency in flatness, colour and size, the stones are cut and calibrated. The surface is natural while the size is 300x 300mm and it was being sold at Sasso Outdoor Shop.

Lightweight NZ Schist Cladding

This is a unique design of the NZ Schist. With a technology developed and tested to convert the NZ Schist so it can be cut and laid as a lightweight cladding. Every piece of stone is cut individually and glued to the substrate by the use of a Lightweight Cladding System (LSC). One of the advantages to this system is the option of using Schist cladding for both new building and renovations. Sasso Outdoor Shops sold the best of it.


A stone with a character and feel and great colours ranging from gold hues to silver and dark browns. Formed through the accumulation of hot springs calcite. They also contain holes that formed when water flowed through them. The holes are then filled with cements or resins in order to achieve a natural finish. The holes are left unfilled in some cases which is another form of art. These stones are sourced mainly from Turkey and processed in NZ and were sold mainly at Sasso Outdoor Shop.

Limestone and Quartz

Limestone has its way of bringing dramatic beautification and sophistication. They come in different natural hues and colour range like grey, brown and white. Its smooth surface can also be treated with a range of finishes. Lastly, limestones can be grained in a more subtle level than marble. Quartz on the other hand provides a striking look as a solid tile because of its natural grains and highlights. Sasso Outdoor Shop sold some of the best limestones and Quartz.


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